The great Albert Einstein once quoted, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”.

How could one say? If you’re going to analyze its roots, of course for such a genius like A. Einstein, it might have all started with his infinite curiosity, and this curiosity came from his wild imagination, that kept him wondering why and how these things or non-things from his perception exist. For a skeptic brain developed in the 20th century, information wasn’t easy, so you’ve got to work to find the right ones. From there, he came up with his accurate results, thus knowing its roots will give you a way to create and invent. But what we are talking about is that it all started with his imagination. Imagination, that ever since we had awareness about the world, pushes us to know more. Imagination that falls on that certain part of our brain. And for fact’s sake, and just to refresh what we have learned from the place we’ve spent most of our developing stage called school, we have left and right hemispheres in our brain. Left hemisphere that is responsible for our analytic thought, reasoning, logic, math and science, etc., that most scientific, logical and intellectual people has been using. Right hemisphere, that is responsible for creativity, art awareness, (there goes) imagination, etc., that artist, poetic, and people of related act has been continually using, broadening, reinventing for centuries (or more, rather). So, from what Albert Einstein quoted, imagination from our right brain hemisphere, is to be blame for our addiction for gathering information. And from this right brain hemisphere, there lies a part of us called Artist.

But some of us don’t know he is there. Some of us don’t want to wake him up. Because some want to be classified as one of the intellectual. And from our classification of intellectual nowadays should present himself with learned information, facts and equations. We can’t blame them. But this artist inside us could give us a more vivid, colorful, entertaining, exciting life, or even, immortality in such ways. How can I say immortality? From my point of view of what’s immortality, it is not literally eradicating death but rather, creating something (music, art piece, wisdom or philosophy) and leaving them to the world, to be passed for generations and generations, accompanied with your name, hence, granting you immortality for some or for all.

But we are confused. How can we awaken, skillfully train, or make this artist our second nature? Maybe one trick is to be friend and find this artist inside us in every thing we see, in every places we go. Here are some additional techniques to boost the adrenaline of that artist being lame inside you:

1. Keep a journal.


Keeping a journal or diary everyday in every where you go is a big help on achieving ideas if ever you’re making or planning to make a mark on history. Our brain is as wild as a tide on angry climate especially when on the road, when we travel or spend time alone. They say if only we could put into words all of the things we think about, we might be judged as a lunatic. And in these lunatic thinking, comes creativeness, in creativeness comes creation of new ideas. Ideas sprout in the most unexpected places or events that’s why one should keep a journal to jot ahead what ever comes.

2. Meditate.


When we think of meditation, what we initially visualize is a monk, closed eyes, in lotus position in deep concentration. But meditation can be done is numerous ways like praying, controlling your thoughts, eradicating negativity and complications, practicing optimism, setting goals, clearing your mind and consciousness. This is an essential key because when you have a clear and positive mind, your mind is free to roam, therefore, you will start to notice and appreciate the beautiful details in life that you don’t usually see. And in this beautiful details, you can create beautiful thoughts and ideas. Artists love beauty, and beauty in complications. This can be the bell that could awaken your sleeping artist persona.

3. Observe in details.


Observing in details is the common practice you’ll find in artists. After clearing your mind and setting it free, you’ll find it easy to see details and more beauty in minute parts. If you see a picture as a whole, you’ll appreciate its beauty as a whole, as one. But if you focus in details, you will notice and appreciate every part of it: color, blending, materials used, how it is made or even every story of each character. So, more subject, more ideas, more creation you could share.

4. Travel.


Travelling, especially alone, will let you discover more of the world, more of beauty in different kinds, more ideas. And as you travel, you will know and reach to your inner you. You will realize so many things including your own art and how you can show it the world. And by travelling not only you’ll see new places, food, culture, beauty, but above all, you’ll meet people, talk with people, that may influence you or may make you realize of the things you’re not aware of that may serve as an inspiration to your artist side.

5. Talk to people.


As I have mentioned, meeting people and hearing their thoughts could be a way to find your inspiration. We all have a different set of mind, and every mind lies their personal artists. If you learn to talk to them and share to them your ideas, they might do the same to you. From this you might discover new inspirations. Inspirations that could awaken your art, or goal of what you want to leave to the world and make you immortal just like Albert Einstein that started everything with only his imagination.