Full Moon Party at Bomba’s Shack found in Tortola, BVI, has been getting a lot of attention from party heads all over the world. It is said to be one of the must-do parties in the Caribbean. What’s more interesting about Bomba’s Shack is it started from nothing but with the love of friends and the love for, of course, partying.

Bomba’s Surfside Shack is built in 1976 when Bomba was working as a shipwright at Frenchman’s Cay shipyard at Soper’s hole at the West End of Tortola. He decided to put up his own beach bar in Capoon’s bay on the North shore. With nothing but a high spirit and a hopeful heart, Bomba used scrap of woods, driftwoods, broken surfboards, telephone cords, or anything he found on the beach. When Bomba first opened his bar there were not enough money to stock the shelves with drinks to sell, so his friends would drop off leftover booze. That is when Bomba Shack started to flourish!

Due to large crowds that would come to Bomba’s Surfside Shack in Full Moon Parties, Bomba decided to expand his bar, so he built an extension across the road that is called the “Backyard”. Bomba has built again a bigger place with whatever he found on the beach and the sea. The backyard has a bigger place to move around and dance. It also has a bandstand where his invited local bands play the most amazing set every month.

Bomba Full Moon Party
Bomba’s Shack Full Moon Party

Bomba’s Shack Full Moon Party has been the island’s tradition, which is held every month with tons of people from all around the world. These people continue to visit for the experience of this one of a kind blissful tropical island party. The largest crowd ever recorded ranged from 800-1000 people partying across the street. They swarmed between the two lovely buildings made with love and art. Interest of the people intensified even more because of the “magical tea” that they offer. They say it has hallucinatory effects, but people who have tried it said it is more of a myth as it’s just a mixture of tons of rum and fresh fruit juices. Not bad at all! And oh, I almost forgot to mention that they also offer free drinks for those who are willing to donate their bikinis.

Bomba Full Moon Party
Bomba’s making the magical tea

Bomba Full Moon Party If you’re already getting the picture of how crazy this amazing place is, I bet you, too, are now drooling to get to Bomba’s Shack and experience the famous Full Moon Party. I mean who doesn’t want to dance on the sand, on the beat of the most admired local band, with people around you who are as much insanely happy, with a good rum on your hand? Every party enthusiast is dreaming about it!