Mardi Croix ParadeThe most colorful, most enticing, and teeming with energy ‘Krewe de Croix Mardi Croix Parade’ is just a couple of nights away! This event that is usually celebrated on Saturday before Fat Tuesday will bombard the streets and shore of Cane bay. There will be a week of wild revelry starting March 1.

Mardi Croix, organized by Krewe de Croix, is the Crucian version of Mardi Gras, but with an island twist! Krewe de Croix is a group of Louisiana transfers who are also Mardi Gras enthusiasts. The parade usually begins at 12 noon in La Valle. Assume deafening party sounds, colorful costumes, food, and insane revelers taking over the North Shore down to the past Cane Bay Beach on this day.

Krewe de Croix also organizes the Krewe de Barkus Dog Parade that will happen at Christiansted Boardwalk, where afterwards is the Beard Contest. All of these, plus the never-ending parties will take place in a whole week. Mardi Croix Parade

Colorful floats in purple and green themes are expected at the celebration. Of course, beads of any kind, color and length are a must! Attendees should be in their most lavish outfits to fit in.

It is expected that bars will be jammed with people to party until dawn! Cane bay will most likely be filled with foreigners and locals, too!Mardi Croix Parade

Food will be abundant. Local stores are planning to sell various drinks such as the popular, painkillers, and refreshing fruit juices during Madri Croix. Expect to see a lot of souvenirs such as crafts, jewelries, and other artworks in the event.

Surely the event will give glee like no other celebration. There are so many things to do in that dynamic week, and so, expect a bit of bonkers. So save the date and be part of Krewe de Croix’s Mardi Croix Parade!