Each morning, every time you get up for work, do you wish that you still have at least few hours more for sleep? Do you just feel tired all the time, and wish you still have that energy you had when you were younger? Do you feel sluggish and exhausted despite of the long hours you’ve spent on bed? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people are in the same situation. Most of them think that it is natural because they are getting older. Majority of these people think that age is directly proportional with our body’s energy. Meaning, as the number of our age gets bigger, our body’s energy depletes.

What if I tell you that no, it doesn’t work that way. We actually have an infinite energy within us that most of us misuse. This infinite energy within us, once we learn to nurture properly will provide us a marvelous source of strength, vigor, and will to face each day with delight and vitality. But as an initial step, first we should know if we are using our energy to valuable means. Because at first place, this might be the reason that no matter how we try to improve our energy, we still feel like we are losing a substantial amount of it. Where we use our energy might be the reason of our exhaustion. Take into consideration that we might be wasting our energy in wrong ways. As a guide to this journey of improving our energy, conceive these ways of wisely using energy:

Valuable errands

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Before you complain about your energy, first analyze what kind of lifestyle do you have? What activities do you usually join, and what is the possible effect of these activities to your health and energy? If you’re the type of person of loves to party, to drink alcohol and stay up late, clearly your lifestyle has equivalent consequences to your health. No matter what you do to optimize your energy, if you keep engaging on the errands that badly affects your physical body, your efforts will just be wasted. Instead, engage on the activities that benefit your health.

Improving Energy
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Hit the gym rather than heading the club. Set a healthy dinner with the family, or schedule a moderate wine tasting with friends. Instead of spending a pile of cash for a night at the bar, save it for a vacation near the beach or do hiking to see the mountains, inhale fresh air. There are tons of alternative worthy trips that are so much better than exploiting your health just to have fun. So wisely choose your hobbies, your spare time activities, even the people you hang out with, if you really value your life and energy.

Think productively

Improving energy
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Our daily thoughts also affect our energy. Our mentality, philosophies and life beliefs are vital factors of our body’s energy; and they play a big role in our vitality and health. Negative notions are huge drainers of our energy, and not only that, they are also the leading reasons that hinder us from achieving our greatest abilities.

For example, from the moment you wake up, you already feel like cursing the day. Even before the day starts, you already anticipate the ugly things that might happen; drowning yourself in negativity. This kind of thinking could already absorb your energy. It could make you feel enervated and unwilling to face the new day delightfully. However, if you begin your day thinking and looking forward to the good things that may happen, somehow it will make you feel more alive and vibrant. It will give you a tingly excitement, exhilarated about embracing another day. Also, what we think consequently affects our emotions. If we conceive the world as a hideous place to live; if we hate almost anyone or anything that greets our way, it will give us surly feeling that is definitely energy-draining.

Instead of thinking negatively, use your mind in productive ways; in ways that could make your life easier. Think about the solutions to your daily problems, like how to improve your work performance or ways that would help you achieve your goal. You could also read a good book that would give you curiosity about things, or would give you good information that would help you improve yourself. Keep yourself pre-occupied with thoughts that matter, thoughts that would make a good difference to your life. Filter your thoughts. If it’s tough for you to keep a positive mind, at least alter your thinking to productivity. Use your thoughts wisely.

Absorb uplifting energy

Improving energy
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In a modern world of today that is established with scientific facts, the definition of spiritual energy might be ambiguous to some. But spiritual energy is not necessarily equivalent to mysticism. In fact, the foundation of spiritual world has been established even long before science arrived. Absorbing positive energy means filling your spirit with vibes that would mold it beautifully.

Our spirit is our inner self, it is beyond our subconscious. The things that could make or break it could be the people that surround us; it could be what we feed to your mind; it could be whatever affects our emotions. Whatever that may affect your whole self, books, media or mantras we absorb, are the ones that make our soul.

You could also absorb uplifting energy through meditation. You could absorb positive energies by doing things that could calm your mind; things that could lead you to a peaceful state. You could also acquire uplifting energy by praying sincerely. Filter the things that could affect you, and choose only those that could uplift your spirit, those that are enthralling. It is because the spirit is one of the most delicate and vital factor of energy. Properly wielding your spiritual energy, could lead you to unveiling your inner infinite energy.